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Family Organizations

Fairfield Gutzeit House

The Fairfield-Gutzeit House is the oldest of the three properties, built in 1796 by two brothers, William Jr. and Benjamin, both prominent in the Bath community. They first came to Bath is 1793 when they left their father's home near Amherstview. The house remained in the Fairfield family until the 1860 s, and again in 1938.
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Brigantine Incorporated is a registered charity dedicated to empowering, connecting, and inspiring youth through the challenges of sailing a traditionally rigged ship. Through experiential learning and skills development they build confidence, strength, and leadership in our ship's crew.
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Herkimer's Batteau Company

Herkimer’s Batteau Company of the KRR refers to Capt. Hanyost Herchermer who settled at Herchemer’s Nose (now Lemoine’s Point) in Kingston Township. The pickup truck of the American Revolution, bateaux are uniquely linked to the Loyalists of the Bay of Quinte, their movements during the war and their settlement of what became the Province of Ontario. 
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